About Us

Simplicity. That’s what we pride ourselves on. While working with business owners on a daily basis we quickly realized that accessibility, reliability, and communication were the cornerstone traits upon which we wanted to build a business. In these ways, we serve business owners by simplifying website management.

Real People. Personal Support.

Our WP Support Team

Lucas Summer

WordPress Aficionado

Lucas Summer is the Founder of Simple WP Support. Inspired by a love of WordPress and helping business owners, Lucas provides the bulk of support requests for our amazing customers.

Stephany Summer

Project Manager

Stephany Summer is head of project management at Simple WP Support. Stephany ensures all support requests get done on schedule. Stephany also engages in customer support.

Marilyn Brenner

Business Development

Marilyn is our Director of Business Development at Simple WP Support. Marilyn educates business owners to help them choose the best website care plan for their needs.

Why Choose Us

A Bit of History

WordPress sites aren’t just a one and done transaction. We come across websites on a regular basis that are unprotected, out of date, and behind on the times which drove our decision to launch an affordable monthly service plan.

All websites need tweaking and revamping in order to function at the maximum capacity. What business owner has time to sit and optimize their site? Not many that we know – they are busy running all the other parts of the company that need their focus.

Also, there is a lot that goes into the backend of WordPress that as a business owner you may not have a handle on or be familiar with. You could leave your system vulnerable, as is, but what happens if hackers get into the backend of your system?

Who will deal with it? Hiring someone as things come up can cost you. That’s why an on-going website care plan just makes sense.

Most times we can install updates that will prevent hackers from getting into your site in the first place, and if not we can get the site back up, running, and protected quickly and efficiently. Since we get alerted the second your site goes down we are able to fix it most times even before you’re alerted!

Sometimes companies go days, weeks or even months without realizing their website isn’t working.  That simply won’t happen with Simple WP Support.

Our company ensures that you will always be kept in the loop as to what is in the works for your site. We stay up to date in the latest software updates to ensure your site is always running at its’ full potential.

A few Words from Our Fans

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